Team xact nutrition hits Ottawa

During Ottawa race weekend, we have decided to put together a small team of runners whom we feel truly represent our brand. We thought it would be really interesting for us to tell their stories throughout the weekend.

You will be able to follow those stories as they unfold right here on this page!

As well as on Instagram and Facebook and our exclusive interviews and Ottawa Marathon coverage on our Youtube channel.

Team Xact Nutrition

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 Samuel Poher

10K  Bib:60042

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A young fast runner with huge potential. A half marathon trail specialist,  as set new course record at Bear Mountain 3 weeks ago. Hoping to impress on the 10k!

 Melissa Chénard

42.2K  Bib: 71 or 1075

Last year she set her best times at the Ottawa half Marathon (1h21.44) and at the Philadelphia marathon (2h51.37), in novembre 2015. This year she has focused her energies on the Ottawa Marathon held this weekend in hopes to better her PB and move to new projects.

Marlène Couture

42.2K  Bib:1269

Marlène is the blogger behind ‘Les Aventures de Marly‘, a passionate runner on the trail and the tarmac. She shares her passion on social media and on her blog, showing that everything is possible when you put the work in.


 Julien Lachance

42.2K  Bib: 2711

Boston PB of 2:41. Julien is a rapidly improving exciting runner who gives the elites a run for their money. Julien only started to run seriously 3 years now he’s biting at the ankles of Canada’s elite and making the Quebec elite sit up and notice him.

 Team goals fueled by our new FRUIT2 Maple

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