xact nutrition is proudly Canadian, based in Montreal. We specialise in sport nutrition that tastes fantastic.
Everyone deserves great-tasting nutrition.

“xactnutrition is how we connect our professional expertise to our passion. We just love making great food for people who do sports.”

Alain Regnault, BSc, Ing Chim., PhD.

Founder, Owner, Scientific & Technical

Marianne Regnault, BSc, MSc.

Founder, Owner & President

Lawrence Colsell, BSc.

Founder, Owner, VP, Marketing & Business Development

Alister Gardner, BSc.

Owner, Sales Director 

xact nutrition started with one idea. Surely we can make a better-tasting alternative to an energy gel. We wanted something more palatable, and our passion for food lead us to natural ingredients, which also is a great fit with our customer values. This project lead to xact nutrition’s 1st product, FRUIT2 energy bars for during effort, born from a marriage of our skills with our passions.  All 3 owner-founders have passion for doing things as well as they can, but each member of the team brings their unique perspective and abilities to the company. 


Alain Regnault, BSc, Ing Chim, PhD

… has over 35 years in research and development in the food and nutrition space, including building his own own successful business, Pro Dietic, bringing not just a wealth of scientific and technical expertise to xactnutrition, but entrepreneurial experience too.

Marianne Regnault, Dip Eng, MSc

Having qualified in Chemical engineering in France and the UK Marianne started her professional career in the chocolate factories of Yorkshire, England where she worked on projects as varied as logistics, production and quality before choosing to specialise in production and quality issues pertaining to production. She gained valuable experience working with some of the words most respected food manufacturers in Europe as well as Canada. Now Marianne is the President as well as owner of xactnutrition.


Lawrence Colsell, BSc  

Educated in the USA, UK and France, Lawrence trained as a scientist, but his experience has been firmly rooted in commercial and business development roles with organizations operating in the analytical and life sciences in Europe and Canada. Lawrence’s focus for 2017 is product and business development to help xact nutrition expand beyond our home province of Québec.


Alister Gardner, BSc  

Originally from England, Alister moved to Bromont, Québec, in 2006 with his wife who grew up in the province. A snowboarding fan, he fell in love with the mountains in the region which soon led to trail running and road running. Alister joined xact nutrition in 2017 bringing expertise in sales and business development to the company. A competitive runner, Alister competes on the road but prefers the trails, especially when in the company of Gaston, his trail-running hound. 

Jeff Gosselin running the ridge trail at Mount-Orford, Canada where xact nutrition's FRUIT2 first saw the light of day

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FRUIT2 saw the light of day at the dawn of the trail running scene in Eastern Canada. After the feedback from runners on that cold autumn day, we knew we were onto something….

Since then xact nutrition has been developing unique sport nutrition products that are just as relevant to an 8-year old girl making the trip from school to a judo lesson, as they are to some of the ambassador athletes featured on this site. We have heard 1st hand how FRUIT3 bars resisted the extreme cold  temperatures in the Arctic2Atacama expedition and everyday a kid bites into a strawberry FRUIT2, shouts “Mummy! Daddy! I want to go and run and jump now!”

# F U E L Y O U R G O A L S