Evelyne Gagnon

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Evelyne Gagnon

Cyclist, Montréal, Canada

The reason why I started road cycling is pretty simple. I was doing cross country skiing during winter and all my friends were racing bike during summer. So it was the obvious thing to do for me! Since then, I never stopped biking, this year being my 12th season as a road cyclist!

My plans for 2017

… are not very original.. I just want to have fun on the bike, with my team Stingray Ultime Vélo! I’ll also continue paracyling, being Annie Bouchard’s pilot on the tandem. Our goal is to make the standard A (an average speed of more than 41km/h on a 20km TT). With that, we expect to be invited to para world cups. 


2016, GC GP Charlevoix, Québec
2014, Road race and time trial (tandem), Paracycling Canadian Championships
2013, Quebec Criterium Championships
2012, Quebec Criterium Championships
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My Favourite Product

My favorite xact nutrition product is maple FRUIT2, and not far from it, the apricot fruit2. why ? because they taste ridiculously awesome and are really easy to eat. I use them in races and I always bring some during my trainings, because you never know when you’re going to bonk! They are also really useful during winter, because they dont freeze and it’s kind of important! 


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