Helene Dumais running in Hawaii prior to her traverse of Koolau ridge in 2015

Hélène Dumais

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Hélène Dumais

Runner, Adventurer, Explorer, Washington DC, USA

Helene is an endurance athlete and adventurer with an insatiable thirst to explore the world. Helene thrives in ultra trail running, obstacle course racing and endurance challenges, her journey inspires others to follow that path and grasp every opportunity to become a better human.

Nominated Best Female Athlete 2014 by Mud Run Guide, Helene was 2nd Canadian in the Spartan Race Ranking and 16th in the United States with 18 podiums during 26 races in Canada, USA and France. Helene applied those skills in real life to overcome numerous obstacles in a year long quest becoming the first woman, along with Liz Barney, to cross the entire Koolau Summit Ridge in Hawaii, in self-sufficiency in June 2015.

As well as being a committed and dedicated athlete and coach… Hélène is a sought after coach and motivator and delights in seeng the funny, human side of our daily struggles, no matter what challenge we are undertaking!

A pivotal year for Helene, 2015 also marked her victory at the inaugural edition of the 125 km Ultra Trail Harricana, her becoming the first woman to run, self-supported, the 250 mile route of the Cross Florida Individual Time Trial. 2016 has started strong with an extraordinary performance; Helene is the only woman ever to finish Survival Run Nicaragua. Helene also took 2nd place in the 100k Ultra Fuego Y Agua less than two days after, thus making her the first and only woman to ever complete the Devil’s Double challenge.

Helene hosts the “Take on the Challenge” community and volunteers as an endurance athlete for non-profit organisations like Adventure Science. Driven and passionate, Helene is steadily being more and more noticed as a strong and influential female role model.

Born two months prematurely, defying all odds, Hélène harnessed this survival spirit which has gradually evolved in to a lifestyle. It has lead her to hike solo 870 km in the French Pyrenees, winning her first trail race, (10 km) and since her love for the sport has grown leaps and bounds, as she increases distances from 10 km, to 50 km, to 100 miles with some spectacular performances in various endeavours including obstacle course racing, exotic, off the beaten path endurance adventures and exploring.

Photo: Liz Barney 



Infinitus, The Endurance Society (400 miles)

1st Ever Female to Complete Devil’s Double, Nicaragua


First woman,  self-supported route, Cross Florida Time Trial (250 miles)
Winner – 125k Ultra Trail Harricana Canada (Quebec, Canada)
First women, Ko’olau Summit Ridge Traverse, Hawaii
Athlete with Adventure Science

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