Ian MacNairn running in his native Rockies (photo : Adam Harris)

Ian MacNairn

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Ian MacNairn

Extreme Jogger, Calgary

Photography by Adam Harris

Ian MacNairn came into the path of ultrarunning by accident. His initial steps as a trail-runner and mountain man announced the end of his recovery from near-fatal injury. Ian pursued rehabilitation and running as a health scientist, using his own case as an example to study the physical, mental and social transformations that occur in pursuit of ultra-endurance. Ian has continued down the path of exploration, studying ultrarunning as an anthropologist and student of medicine.

Kids Run Canada

He has published over 75 articles and pieces of writing in national and international publications on running, sport, culture, and exploration. In 2013, Ian founded Kids Run Canada – an organization with over 35 events across Canada working to promote play and well-being by bringing youth outdoors to explore through trail-running.

Trails and racing

Ian has raced across Canada and internationally. He has won or landed on the podium in many events ranging from 5K to 193K. He has been the record holder for numerous ultramarathons and unsupported trail runs in Canada. In addition to xact NUTRITION Ian is supported by The North Face, Smartwool, and Julbo Eyewear as well as numerous local companies and organizations.

Ian’s most passionate interests lie in pushing and exploring the limits of his body and mind and exploring the ways others pursue similar transformations. Ian feels at home in the mountains, finding himself always drawn to the alpine and its jagged horizon.

Upcoming Projects and Races

Lost Soul Ultramarathon, Lethbridge, AB, 100 km
Ultra Trail Harricana, Charlevoix, QC, 125 km
Els 2900, Andorra, 70 km (sole representative from North America)
Expeditions, presentations, and events:

Fieldwork for PhD project on sport community across Canada, USA, & Europe
North American Society for the Sociology of Sport conference, Santa Fe, NM
Children With Diabetes conference, Niagara Falls, ON
Top secret international expedition for summer 2016 : details to be released soon
A series of technical traverses and mountain routes in the Canadian Rockies: follow along via the links below:


2015, Coulee Cactus Crawl, Lethbridge, AB, 36 km

2015, 2014 Wings For Life World Run, Canada

Expedition Member
2014, Adventure Science ‘100 Miles of Wild’ Tsingy Forest, Madagascar

2014, Ultra Trail Harricana, Charlevoix, QC, 65 km

2014, TransRockies Run, Beaver Creek, CO, 193 km

2014, Devil’s Backbone, Bozeman, MT, 50M

2013, Fat Dog, Manning Park, BC, 70M (CR, since broken)

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