JP Bedard is an author, ultra runner, educator and advocate as well as being an xactNutrition sponsored athlete

Jean-Paul Bédard

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Jean-Paul Bédard

Author, Advocate, Endurance Athlete, Toronto


Named one of the “50 Most Influential Canadians” by Huffington Post, Jean-Paul has used his profile as a public figure to speak candidly about being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and of his battles with addiction and mental health issues.  A veteran of over 130 marathons and ultra marathons, Jean-Paul received the “Golden Shoe Award” as the 2015 Canadian Runner of the Year. 

Jean-Paul is also a featured contributor to Huffington Post, a columnist with iRun Magazine, and his bestselling book Running Into Yourself was released earlier this year by Breakaway Books of New York.   You can read more about Jean-Paul’s incredible journey of resiliency by following his popular blog “Breathe Through This” which has over 3 million reader/subscribers. A sought-after public speaker, Jean-Paul is known for his ability to infuse humour in his talks as he speaks candidly about coming to terms with serious issues such as addiction, depression, and trauma.  Jean-Paul passionately believes life is not about “what happens to us”, but about “what we do with what happens to us.”  His, is a message of hope, strength, and resiliency.

Sporting achievements and cool things

“Golden Shoe Award”, Canadian Runner of the Year, 2015

A veteran of over 130 marathons and ultra marathons

Authors of “Breathe through this” a blog on resilience and the bestseller Running Into Yourself

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