Hector Rodriguez

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Hector Rodriguez

Triathlete, Toronto, Canada

Hector’s background is sports is extensive. He started early; prescribed to be active by a Doctor at age 3; he didn’t know what I would be capable of back then. After all these years in sports he learned how to remain truthful to his passion and inspire others while doing what he loves. Smart training, being active & eating healthy is his kind of life.

He also keeps himself busy taking photos and blogging. You can find food photography and recipes at www.ourFreshKitchen.com; beware, his reputation as a cookie monster precedes him.

During the week he works as a Front End Developer & Designer, a job that represents another challenge itself.


Major Races for 2016

K-Town Triathlon, July 31st
Toronto Island Lake Swim (3.8 km), Aug 28th
Barrelman, Sep 18th


10th AG (26th Overall)
Ironman Louisville, KY, USA (09:52:20)
Barrelman Triathlon, Niagara, Ontario (Swim & Bike, 2:52:29)
Toronto Island Lake Swim, Ontario, 3.8 km, (52:01)
19th (1st Canadian)
Motala ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships (5:59:53)

Welland Half (Swim & Bike), 1st Place Overall, 2:44:58 – View Full Results2014

17th AG (99th overall)
Ironman Florida, Panama City Beach, FL, USA (08:49:15)
Barrelman Triathlon, Niagara, Ontario (4:32:21.9)
Toronto Island Lake Swim, 3.8 km (0:52:57)
15th AG (91st overall)
Ironman Canada, Whistler, BC (10:41:59)
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My favourite bar ..

To achieve my goals in triathlon I have to make many sacrifices. One of them is staying away from cookies; my reputation to eat too many cookies precedes me.

PROKRUNCH helps me have a good recovery snack after my training. It also gives me something to look for and pushes me trough hard trainings. And lastly it not only works on my recovery but it also replaces my need to eat cookies.Hector

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