Majo Srnik, xact nutrition athlete running the Sinister 7 course in 2016, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

Majo Srnik

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Majo Srnik

Ultra Runner

Well, for over 30 years I was a rock climber and that affected my life growing up. I always loved nature, mountains and pushing the limits of what I could accomplish. The last 4 years have I started focusing on Ultra Running,  I love to promote natural movement, barefoot running and a very minimalistic approach in the mountains; light & fast kinda style. The last two winters I have been doing Skimo for off-season training, but still focusing mainly on ultra long events, usually longer seems better for me …

I really trying to spend as much time as possible in the mountains and enjoy whatever activities possible  depending on the time of year and conditions: running, skimo, ice climbing, hiking, mountain biking or road biking. Just looking forward to be in motion, and racing is something that helps give me focus and meeting my goals if possible… I absolutely love long endurance stuff, not necessarily seeking fast times but exploring when you need to dig really deep, and that’s where I find that ultra beauty if you will…

When comes to nutrition I don’t have much advice.. because seriously, it seems like what works best for someone doesn’t work for others. But in general, “if you’re feeling hungry, you’re already behind, so having plan with different options is the best way to approach every long event”.

I shall be focusing on long stuff in 2017 : Lots of racing will be based on lottery luck such as Hardrock, UTMB etc. and some 200 mile events on top of that…
I am lucky and proud represent: xact nutrition, WAA Ultra , Vivobarefoot , Lunasandals, Swiftwick, Leki, MooseBicycle, Suunto, NathanVitargo and Squirrels Nut Butter.


8th, Tahoe 200M, 2016

4th, Sinister 7 100M, 2016 (& 2015)

3rd, Badwater Salton Sea 135K, 2015

2nd, Blackspur Ultra 100k, 2015

4th, Javornicka 100km, 2015  (Slovakia)

2nd, Lost Souls 100M, 2014

1st, Moose Marathon, 2014

5th, Jungle Ultra 250km, 2014

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