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Adventurer, Guide, Race Director and Founder of Impossible2Possible, Ray Zahab is at the next level of ultra endurance. His adventures include traverses across the Sahara desert (7,500 kms in 111 days), Arctic, Siberia, South Pole, Atacama Desert, Gobi Desert and much, much more (

We got the chance to sit down with Ray via Skype and talk about the uncertainty that the pandemic has created, the impact that the lock down has had on his adventure plans, the races he organises and training, as well as discuss the resilience we have as human beings, brighter outcomes we hope to see after the lock down and of course endurance nutrition.

Huge thanks to Ray for sharing his story!

Ray has been hosting Facebook live casts from his garden since the begining of confinement : Check out Ray's weekly live Facebook videos:

Week 1 : movement is good

Week 2 : Training for welness instead of racing 

Week 3 : Physical, mental and nutritional strategies and Q&Q

Week 4 : Resiliency and our ability to persevere well beyond any limits

Week 5 : Preview summer trail gear Ray is stoked about & more Q&A

Week 6 : Ray and Jen Segger live interview 



Ray is also Race Director of 3 Beavers Racing  - be sure to sign up in 2021

Black Fly (end of May), Bad Beaver (June) & Midnight Moose (September)

Midnight Moose is still planned to take place - and they have an innovative risk-free sign-up option - check it out! 


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