Marie-Eve Pelland: Running with a stroller

Marie-Eve Pelland: Running with a stroller

Briefly tell us about yourself, who you are and what your sport is?

I’m a mid-range trail runner: not too slow, but not too quick either. I appreciate the thrills more than the performance.


What were your original objectives this spring?

I signed up for the 20 kms “Trail de la Clinique du coureur”. Since it’s my first time running this distance, I’m not over ambitious regarding my performance. I’ll be focussing above all on the very first race that my nearly 18-month-old kid will be running: the 300 m!


How has your current training been affected?

In normal times I’d be training with my club, the Club de trail Nord Boréal. Now of course the spring session will have to be postponed. Since the trails are closed, plus the fact that I’m currently unemployed and the day care centre is shut, I go running on the road with my son in the stroller.

How did that affect your motivation?

Always running along the same route is fairly repetitive, but it’s better than nothing. So for the moment I have to be satisfied with that!


How have you restructured your race season?

2020 is a transition year. I had a short season planned, so whatever happens won’t change my mindset regarding my year’s running. I especially wanted to work on improving my speed this year, and I’ll do so whatever happens to the official races! 


How have you adapted your training?

There’s less of it. Running with a stroller almost full time is difficult. So I run on the road as well as train at home, imagining techniques which might simulate changes of gradient.


Most important of all, how are you staying motivated?

My ambition is to get my boy out of the house every day and the stroller is an excellent means of doing it! I do it partly for him. With my gang from the CTNB we set ourselves challenges, and we keep ourselves informed about our training as much as possible via the social networks.


Any new hobbies you have picked up with all this extra time at home?

I’ve included strength training — something I’ve been trying to do for about 10 years!

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