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Carb loading time! This is the energy endurance athletes need! Don’t over indulge, you’ll carry what you eat.  Foods like bagels and porridge provide sustenance and bananas are easy to digest.  If you are a regular coffee drinker then go ahead and have your morning cuppa, caffeine has some great performance benefits. Aim to eat around at least 2 hours before your race to let food digest properly.



If it has been 3+ hours since breakfast, we recommend a small snack 30 minutes before the race starts, this will bump up your blood sugar level for the start of the race. A FRUIT2 is a perfect mobile snack to keep your energy reserves up and can be eaten easily between check-in and the start line.


FRUIT2 perfect for race day nutrition

Aim to take a FRUIT2 or FRUIT3 every 30-45 minutes from the start of the race.  The number of gels you eat is about how long it will take you to ski your race distance.  Help things go down with a mouth full of water if you can.

30 mins before race FRUIT3 with electrolytes +/- caffeine
45 mins FRUIT2
1 hr 30 mins FRUIT2
2 hrs FRUIT3  (added electrolytes with or without caffeine)
2 hrs 30 mins FRUIT2
3 hrs FRUIT2
3 hrs 30 mins FRUIT3 (added electrolytes with or without caffeine)
And so on..


If it is warm and you find yourself sweating more (especially for those who sweat and have sweat crystals on their skins clothes afterwards), swap every other FRUIT2 for a FRUIT3 E-beet to ensure you maintain your electrolyte balance.

Aim to consume, 500-1000 ml of fluids each hour. If it is warm then drink more.


canada athlete winter xcski nordi combined

  • No need to eat more because it is cold. You will burn only a few more calories due to heat loss.  Shivering does burn many more calories, but hopefully you are dressed for the task!
  • Avoid ‘freezing’ foods!  Many granola bars and gels hardened up in the cold weather, right to the point when chewing will be a workout in itself!  FRUIT2 and FRUIT3 have been tested in the extreme cold and stay soft! 
  • Keep your fingers warm.  Opening gels and bars is next to impossible, especially if you are one of those who gets numb fingers in the cold.  If you can keep your hands warm you can more easily open your FRUIT2s!


  • And speaking of stash pocket.  Use a pocket that is easily accessible but still tucked away from the cold. A FRUIT2 bar may still be soft on sub-zero temperatures but still more fun to eat if it is slightly warmer. Your mid-layer may have a handy stash pocket or on the back of your jacket.
  • Prior to your race, you can use a pair of scissors to snip the tip of your FRUIT2 or FRUIT3 packet to make it even easier to tear it open while skiing.


Congratulations on finishing your race!! To start your recovery right away, drink 500-1000ml fluid to help rehydrate (no, beer does not count). Eat a small snack too.  Aim for a mix of carbs and protein to start the recovery process.  PROKRUNCH  bars are an ideal choice : 15 g of protein, all the vitamin B complexes and a helping of carbs. If you prefer non-dairy protein, check out our Kronobar protein bars. Now you’re ready for that celebratory beer!


A great way to try a selection of the products mentioned here is the DISCO pack. Only $12.49 including shipping anywhere in Canada, contains 4 FRUIT bars plus PROKRUNCH, our choc high-protein wafer. Yum.

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