Brix recharge par la nature and xact nutrition start partnership

BRIX and xact nutrition announce partnership

xact nutrition and Brix team up in their quest to make sport nutrition more delicious.

xact nutrition is stoked to present BRIX Refuel Naturally. Another step towards dispelling the myth that sport nutrition needs to be les

Maple FRUIT2 for maintaining energy during effort and yum factor

FRUIT2 maple energy fruit bar by xact nutrition

s than fantastically delicious to be effective.  xact nutrition launched the world’s first maple syrup energy fruit bar earlier this year at Ottawa marathon, and today xact nutrition’s love affair with the maple nectar deepens as they start a  partnership with Brix Rechargé par la nature (Brix Refuel naturally), manufacturers of the world’s only concentrated maple syrup for sports.

It’s no secret that maple syrup is a great refuelling choice for sports, but xact nutrition selected BRIX for some awesome reasons; here’s why :

  1. Brix tastes incredible. Somewhere between maple syrup and taffy, Brix is 100% pure maple syrup, nothing added, nothing messed about. Just made with pure maple syrup form the slopes of Mont Yamaska, Québec. 
  2. The resealable pop-top. Brix lets you tailor your refueling so you get what you want when you want. You can go little and often or you can go for monster chug shot. Either way it’s an environmentally sound choice : No litter when you pop the top; high quality re-usable sachet.
  3. BRIX is more than just syrup. BRIX is concentrated maple syrup. Less water =  more carbs + more nutrients = you get more fuel per shot!
  4. BRIX is ultra digestible + easy to swallow, even in very low temperatures.

BRIX is now available from xact nutrition as well on random rocks on the trails.

When questioned about the upcoming ski/fat bike / run 1000 km unsupported traverse of the arctic, Ray Zahab had this to say :

“In extreme conditions like this, adequate energy intake can make the difference between success and failure, or even life and death! BRIX is digestible and won’t freeze up, you can take a swig without taking your mitts off. Game changer. We’ll be packing Brix and FRUIT3 bars for caffeine and energy on this expedition.”

Marianne Regnault, President of xact nutrition added :

“When you come across an outstanding product like BRIX, you can’t afford to ignore it! We gelled as a team and really share similar values when it comes working with the athletic community”

xact nutrition speciali
zes in designing the best tasting food for sports possible. It was during a trail run that Lawrence Colsell (xact nutrition co-owner) met Mario Plouffe, owner and founder of BRIX, and ever since the 2 companies have been watching each other’s progress. This partnership will enable both companies to grow faster with xact nutrition focussing on sales and distribution and Mario Plouffe continuing to work his maple magic for BRIX and new projects too. When questioned about the new partnership, Mario had this to say:

“We want to make sure as many people as possible can get access easily to xact nutrition and BRIX right across Canada. And we are calling on sports retailers to support outstanding Canadian brands like these. We’ve seen the public react so positively to BRIX since the project’s start last year. Let’s make it happen!”

Look out for BRIX and xact nutrition FRUIT2 and FRUIT3 bars in run, bike and outdoor stores as well as at a sporting event near you. Check the xact nutrition Facebook page or website for where and when.

To try or buy Brix or an xact nutrition product :

Or go ahead and order directly on the xactnutrition shop and use the  promo code NRG2016 to get 10% off your next order 🙂 


BRIX, FRUIT2, FRUIT3 & PROKRUNCH now available from xact nutrition and coming to a quality sports store near you


    1. Dear Haytra,
      Thank you for your comment, I read the article on sport nutrition and female hormones with great interest. But it’s unclear what you are in disagreement with on our article in maple syrup as an alternative fast carb source compared to market leading products… we agree that home made is best, but for those folks that opt for the convenience of what they find in their local sports store we like to think we have something inbetween the ideal (home made and fresh) and the usual (sugar syrup + thickeners + flavourings), in the form of our fruit and maple syrup based FRUIT2 and BRIX. Thanks again for taking the time to comment and provide that link.

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