fuel your goals pack

Combo pack of 7 bars

The perfect combo to taste all 6 of FRUIT bars plus PROKRUNCH, the greatest tasting chocolate recovery wafer bar! 

FRUIT2 energy fruit bars started with the idea that it must be possible to make something better than a gloopy energy gel. Better-taste and texture, easy to swallow. Natural, high-quality ingredients. Easy to digest. And we made it!

Their main ingredient: REAL FRUIT, not sugar or sugar syrup. They offer a burst of fruity energy, any time, anywhere; riding, during a long run or on the chairlift at the ski hill. And no worries, these bars don't melt in the heat or get hard in the cold, they keep their soft fruity texture all the time! A delicious, natural way for you to replenish your energy while living your active lifestyle. 

FRUIT3 is the ultimate performance version of FRUIT2. We add helpful ingredients like minerals, antioxidants or caffeine to help you better fuel your goals.

Blackcurrant FRUIT3 has 50 mg of natural caffeine, electrolytes and antioxidants.  Ideal choice for a little extra zip.

The “E” in E-Beet FRUIT3 stands for Electrolytes. E-Beet is made from beets, is very complete in electrolytes, with sodium, potation, magnesium and is high in iron (40% RDI). Ideal choice for endurance athletes.

Each bar FRUIT2 and FRUIT3 gives you 100 kCals of energy, the same amount as in a gel.

PROKRUNCH is the most delicious protein bar on the market! Real milk chocolate, 15 g of easily absorbed whey protein and it’s deliciously light and crunchy to eat. Fortified with Vitamin B, the ideal way to start recovery after any workout, race or training session. We’re told it’s unbeatable with a post-ride coffee.

Our signature FUELYOURGOALS pack is what you need to reach higher levels of performance and also what you want to make sure your muscles and body recovers and repairs so that you can go and do it all again and be in top shape. 

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