100% natural, plant based delicious bars with 15 g of vegan protein.

These protein bars are made to the taken AFTER a workout/effort. 15 grams of plant-based proteins in each bar enhance muscle recovery and allow the body to replenish glycogen reserves more quickly. Made from 100% all-natural vegetable protein, they are easy to digest and are a good balance between pleasantly chewy and slightly firm.

- 15 g of plant-based proteins / bar
- 100% natural source of carbs
- NO added sugar
- Vegan
- Easy to digest
- Free from allergens & preservatives

Haven't tried a KRONOBAR protein br before but love our FRUIT2 and FRUIT3 vegan energy fruit bars? The Ottawa Marathon Pack is a great way to try one out!  Ottawa Marathon Pack = 7 energy fruit bars for during effort + 1 KRONOBAR high-protein recovery bar for after effort. All bars are vegan.