Hailey Van Dyke Sets a New Sky Pilot FKT

Hailey Van Dyke Sets a New Sky Pilot FKT

June 23rd, 2020

I am so proud to say, I set a new women’s FKT for Sky Pilot mountain  !! It is my favourite mountain. It was the first summit I did when I called Squamish home. I do it every year at least once, in every season. I’ve celebrated birthdays there, brought friends up for the first time, met two of my best friends up there, climbed it with my running idol.

Hailey Van Dyke

For weeks I fantasized about heading up for a speed ascent, alone, to try and push myself the fastest and hardest I could, the mountain versus me.
The weather wasn’t cooperating, and neither was my work schedule... until yesterday. An unexpected (and unforecasted) sunny period came and I jumped in the Sea to sky gondola and went for it. Unsupported, unplanned, unpaced. Just me, the mountain and an awesome time pushing myself.

The new women’s FKT is 2:34:33... now that it has been lowered, I can’t wait to see what other kick ass women can do up there!! Thanks for the inspiration and support XACT nutrition!

Hailey is a creator, writer, RN, and athlete, based out of Squamish, BC.  Her passion is being outside and she loves any sport that will take her (and keep her) there. Her main sport is trail running; running anywhere from 80 km in one go to multiple day stage races. 

Congrats Hailey! We are totally stoked for you!