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"I've loved nature and hiking since I was a kid. I started ultra-running in 2014 on a dare from my sister and two of my cousins. My sister and I fell instantly in love with trail running and the whole vibe, so it felt like a natural next step in our quest to push ourselves. That's how Team Cauchon was born! Since then, we have been training and running together, and that helps us balance family, passion and work. We're constantly pushing each other to be the best we can be." - Jean-Francois Cauchon


"I've always tried to push my limits. When I was young, that meant lots of time spent outdoors and hiking with my family. I started running with my brother when I was pretty young, at first trailing our father on our bikes as I trained for a marathon. But it was ''When I discovered trail running in 2014 that really tested the depth of my abilities. Ever since then, I've been trying to push the limit by training with my brother, with the ultimate goal of running at 100-miler. I do whatever I can to share my passion for trail running with others!'' - Eli Cauchon

We are hugely stoked to fuel Eli and Jeff's goals in 2018. This is a passionate team, and their stoke for trail running and racing is infectious.  Watch out watch out!