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Welcome to Move Camp at xact nutrition 

We are so stoked to partner with Move Camp and provide product and resources to help you fuel your summer workouts. Figuring out nutrition and hydration can be confusing so we're excited to share what the Move Camp coaches and our own experince with you over the rest of the summer series! 

We've hand picked 6 of our favourite products to help you get the most out of your summer workouts. Something for before, keep hydrated during and (our fave) a post workout treat for after.

Your MoveCamp Summer Fuel Kit has everything you need to to eat and move and stay active and healthy this summer. 

Your fuel kit contains:

      • For BEFORE your workout
      • HYDRATE DURING your workout 
        • electro2 sport hydrations tabs - lightly lemon flavour
      • AFTER your workout
        • your post workout treat: 3 chocolate PROKRUNCH recovery wafers


Your exclusive MoveCamp discount

As a member of the MoveCamp community, your exclusive 30% discount gives you each MoveCamp Summer Fuel Kit for $ 18.90 instead of $ 27.00 


xact nutrition co-owner Alister introduces you to Your MoveCamp SUmmer Fuel Kit 


See individual product pages for ingredients and nutritional facts. More in-depth info on our MoveCamp Summer Fuel Kit here

Have a nutrition or porduct question? email or message us (use blue chat icon bottom righ corner of this page) - we love to help!