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What drew you to sports in the 1st place? 

Right from the time, I could walk, both my parents (also athletic) introduced me to a  variety of sports, earliest were gymnastics and soccer.

From then on I tried every sport imaginable: volleyball, rugby, diving to trail running, triathlon, and cycling. I was - still am! - a very competitive person in life and sport.

My hunger to compete and work towards being the best (even when I was not) was constant and growing each year. No matter what sport I did, each one had the ability to take me away from anything that was going on at home or in school and it took me to a fun and safe place.

It has always been the competitive force that keeps me coming back for more and I could not possibly imagine my life without sport. This is how I Have come to realize that being an athlete is part of my purpose in life.


Describe a proud moment 

Fast forward a few years to the proudest moment of my cycling career so far in June 2019 when I won Elite Cross-Country Mountain Bike Provincial Championships in Bragg Creek, Alberta. This meant so much to me because of the political, physical, and mental challenges of this event. Just to get a place on the start line was challenging as I had to prove to the Alberta Cycling Association and the Race Director that I had the skills and ability to be competitive and deserved a spot in the Women's Elite category even though I did not meet the age requirements. Yet, 3 days before the event I managed to register; I trained and prepared for less than ideal course conditions due to snow (in June!). I believe it was the visualization and course memorization that prepared me most for race day due to the limited actual riding time on the course. Finally, I took my second Elite win and the provincial champion title that day. Not only did I achieve the goal I set out to do 3 years prior to that day, but I did so successfully despite all the challenges leading up to the event.


How do you juggle friends and athletic commitments?

My friends definitely find my success and achievements very cool and support me as much as they can, but no one has a greater understanding of the amount of hard work I put in each day than my family. With a busy training and racing schedule, I enjoy and savour the time that I am able to spend with my friends. When I do have to miss out on activities they are very understanding that being a high-performance cycling athlete comes with a cost, but without cycling, I would not be the person I am today.


Foods, health and training

When I was young, I was very lucky to have both my parents take the time to educate me about the foods I eat and how to best fuel my body for success. Nowadays, during training and racing, I choose to stay away from foods with animal products and gluten. I find that these ingredients interfere significantly with my ability to perform and recover.


What does ''fuel your goals'' mean to you? 

I believe that to achieve my goals, it is necessary to create a master plan with the steps that need to be taken to accomplish my goals. Making sure that each of those steps are fueled from the beginning to the end, through my nutritional choices is how I see myself achieving my goals. So "fuel your goals" is very much the foundation to every step I take towards success.


Ella Myers