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My favorite sport has always have been running. I love the simpicity of the sport, the freedom it gives me. I love the exaltation of the perfect run, when everything fits into place and running feels effortless, just like flying over the ground.  Running is freedom. Every run is an adventure, a way to discover your neighborhood, your environment with a unique point of view.  Running can give you a peaceful moment away from everything else but myself. It gives me a moemnt to reflect and get away from the unimportant things that can crowd our thoughts.

This year I want to run my first ultramarathon, the Bromont ultra 55k in October. I plan to run the Ultimate XC 22km in June with some friends. I will be running the MEC half-marathon in july, probably the ultra tourne en rond in St-Lambert in august.

I want to be more engaged in the promotion of the sport with the youth in my community. As a high school teacher I want to give my students more opportunities to see that running is great, fun and accessible. I want them to discover that they can run and that they might fall in love with running too.