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I got back into running (back in 2009, after concentrating mostly on hiking and mountaineering for several years). I had always enjoyed the fitness it procured me, as well as that pleasant feeling of being able to run long distances, without tiring. It took several months to get back on track, and I slowly ran half-marathons and marathons, again. Given my mountaineering and trekking background, it was just natural to slip into trail running.

Trail running and ultra long distance running provides me with a calm, serene environment, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The very positive health benefits are an additional reason to lace up your shoes, and run. My running goals are not podiums, but extraordinary adventures, in ultramarathons, in some of the most scenic and sometimes remote, areas, of the world.


2016 is already well under way with a completed 100 mile trail ultramarathon (Rocky Raccoon, Texas). I have at least 3 more 100 mile trail ultramarathons, for this year, in which my goal will be to continue improving my mental strength, and complete the events, with a smile on my face. Success in 100 mile ultras is not guaranteed, even if your physical training has been excellent. Stepping up to the start line of a 100 miler, is an adventure into the unknown. It is, as the Tahoe Rim Trail motto says, a glimpse of heaven, and a taste of hell.

Another goal, this year, is to accompany my wife Lucie, in her quest to become a trail ultramarathoner.