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I am a registered ER nurse by trade and a co-owner of RLAG. I manage to juggle my busy career with RLAG activities and my busy training schedule. For the past 2 years I have taken 5 months off from nursing to pursue my passions of guiding at our RLAG Adventure retreats. I have travelled all around the world, most recently Costa Rica to race, guide and climb summits. I pride myself on being a multi-sport athlete so you won’t always see me running! I also mountain bike, cycle, climb, mountaineer and paddle!

My running journey started when I went to Europe with Girl Guides between grades 11 & 12. Our tour leader was an awesome girl with infectious energy. She told me she ran every morning before work, and that I should join her, so I did. It was hard. It sucked. I hated running, but I was determined. When I got back home I was hooked. I started running on my own and hiking up mountains; it was a way I could escape. 

I have been using the FRUIT2 bars for my long runs. I find it easy to get a FRUIT2 bar in every hour. I don’t get highs and lows and I don’t find I bonk. I am always able to eat them as well, with other things I start to feel nauseous but haven’t experienced that with FRUIT2 bars.

E-Beet are my FAVOURITE. I bring them on all my adventures now and share... they are the perfect combo of not too sweet but they taste hardly of beets!