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I have always been around bicycles throughout my life and became passionate about BMX at a young age, but slowly faded out as the scene in Ontario dwindled. In 2008 I made the move to Calgary, immediately fell in love with the mountains, purchased a mountain bike and began setting big goals for myself. After completing the infamous BC Bike Race in 2010, it sparked a fuel for racing XC Mountain bikes and later Cyclocross, which has been burning strong ever since. What started as recreational hobby has evolved in to a rewarding and invigorating lifestyle competing at an Elite level across North America.

2016 will take on more of an endurance focus targeting various endurance style mountain bike races, which will build the base and transition to a heavily focused Cyclocross season where I plan to tackle the Alberta Cup Series in addition to some North American UCI races.

In addition to xact NUTRITION Marcus is supported by Synergy Racing Cycle Club and Calgary Cycle.