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Kronobar Beet-Matcha Sport Drink

Beets are known to improve the blood flow and oxygen to the muscles. In addition, the energy source of this sports drinks is organic with herbs and plants, mainly Japanese Matcha and seaweed extracts. This composition avoids the unwanted side effects such as shaking and palpitations, sometimes associated with consuming certain energy drinks.

Composed of 100% natural and organic ingredients, this sports drink should be consumed 30 minutes before the effort and/or at any time during the effort. Greatly appreciated by athletes, it contributes in a natural and significant way to improve sports performances.

Why choose the Beet-Matcha sports drink ?

  • Matchais know to increase performance, endurance and basal metabolism.
  • Beet increases the presence of nitric oxide which plays a role in blood circulation and muscle contraction to improve performance because they require less oxygen to perform the same effort.

When to take it?

  • 30 minutes before  effort for activities lasting 1 hour or less.
  • At the beginning of exercising activites lasting more than 1 hour to provide a source of energy and help keep you hydrated.
  • During  effort.