Death Valley Hydration Kit - 3 tubes - citrus bang (with caffeine)

Special celebratory price $30 for 3 tubes electro3. 

The Death ValleyHydration Kit celebrates Ray Zahab's - explorer, adventurer and xact nutrition athlete - successful transect of Death Valley earlier this summer. 

Ray and team-mate Will Laughlin completed the gruelling 35 hour speed traverse of Death Valley and the neighbouring two mountain ranges in a little  under 35 hours. They endured the gnarliest  terrain, huge vert and blistering heat, and all the while they hydrated with electro2 and electro3. 

Our Death Valley Hydration kit is in honour of their accomplishment.

Simply choose between lightly lemon, naked, agrume boom (with natural caffeine) or a mix of all 3 for the special price of $30. 

Read Ray's article of the Death Valley Transect here

Watch Ray's video about how the team used electro2 on the Death Valley Transect expedition: