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MiNi FRUIT2 Eco Bag



250 g of delicious bite sized (7 g each) mini FRUIT2 pieces. Strawberry, apricot or orange (coming soon).  Saved from this year's non-existent feed stations and repacked into reusable, compostable* bioplastic lined paper bags. 



For several years xact nutrition has supported races and athletes by supplying product for feed stations… from wind-blown mountain tops to downtown city centres.

COVID-19 put an end to almost all these events, and we found ourselves with a surplus of mini FRUIT2, all of it produced specifically for the feed stations at these events.  Did you know the leading negative impact for the food industry on our environment is food waste? Packaging waste comes next ..

We have repurposed our stock of mini FRUIT2 destined for feed stations, and sourced a compostable bag with a resealable zip tie; making it easier to reuse the bag for a longer life.

When it is fully done, dispose of the bag so that it is diverted to an industrial composting facility. For us here in Montreal that means a brown food waste compost bin. Check your local municipality as to if they accept PLA in your local compositing programme.

#FUELYOURGOALS #RefuseReduceReuseRecycleRepair


PLEASE NOTE : The Best Before date is 13 March 2021. For all 3 flavours.