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Ottawa Marathon Pack - Combo pack of 7 bars

This is our sampler pack to celebrate Ottawa Marathon Race Weekend and provide you with exactly the fuel you need to run the maratrhon distance :

  1. Pre-run : we recommend FRUIT3 E-Beet as its packed with elctrolytes
  2. During : 5 bars each at 45' intervals - enough fuel for up to 4 hours of running joy! 
  3. After : 1 PROKRUNCH Recovery wafer;  high in protein to kick start muscle repair 

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  • 6 energy fruit bars for during effort + 1 PROKRUNCH high-protein chocolate wafer for afterwards. 
  • The pack includes 4 FRUIT2 bars (2 strawberry, 1 apricot & 1 orange) as offered on the half and full marathon distances at the Ottawa Marathon.
  • The pack also includes our 2 FRUIT3 Performance bars : delicious blackcurrant (+ electrolytes + all-natural caffeine) and E-Beet : with electrolytes and high in iron. 
  • Kick-start recovery with 1 PROKRUCNH protein wafer with 15 g of protein (dairy protein). 

Great variety and a chance to try some of our favourite bars at an affordable price.

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