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  • xact nutrition DISCO PACK

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  • BRIX pure maple syrup is concentrated

    BRIX 38 g

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  • BRIX 80 g sachet made from pure Canadian maple syrup concetrated for more energy and micronutrients

    BRIX 80g

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  • FRUIT2 – Mixed Box

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  • apricot FRUIT2 is made from natural ingredients and is a delicous abd easily digestable alternative to an energy gel or chew.

    FRUIT2 – Apricot

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  • maple enrgy bar for sport nutrition during effort

    FRUIT2 – Maple

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  • orange FRUIT2, great-tasting alternative to energy gels and energy chews

    FRUIT2 – Orange

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  • strawberry FRUIT2, great tatsing alternative to energy gels and energy chews

    FRUIT2 – Strawberry

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  • FRUIT3 vegan caffein eenergy, natural alternative to energy gel

    FRUIT3 – Blackcurrant

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  • ProKrunch – Chocolate

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