Top 4 race tips for Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Proper nutrition and hydration leading up to race day will help ensure you perform your best. You’ve worked hard for that finish line, and we’ll help you get there.

1. Calories 

Calories are more than good in endurance running events, taking on calories when running not only helps performance but can also help you avoid, or at least lessen, the dreaded wall. Eat 100 Calories / 45 minutes to maintain energy levels, or 1 FRUIT2 bar.

xact nutrition FRUIT2 bars are super easy to digest meaning less risk of porta potty shenanigans

you don’t want to do the porta potty shuffle

2. Carbs

Keep carbs simple and avoid fibre, both during and the morning of your race (porta potty playtime can wait to the finish line) this will help ensure you digest well!

3. Caffeine

Consider caffeine, as it can give you a welcome boost when the spirits are flagging. FRUIT3 comes in blackcurrant flavour and has 50 mg of all natural caffeine from a guarana extract.

4. Hydration

Proper fueling isn’t just about nutrition. Electrolytes are essential for basic heblog-post_2alth and body function, and even more so during training or a race. Here at xact nutrition, we choose nuun. The folks at Hydration HQ looked at every ingredient and challenged themselves to find a clean, plant-based alternative.
Now nuun is entirely plant-based (that means no artificial ingredients!), certified vegan, and so a great match for FRUIT2. Drinks such as nuun are perfect before, during, and after exercise because they contain the electrolytes your body needs without the carbohydrates it doesn’t.
nuun-run-post-1Staying hydrated by drinking fluids through the day, everyday, is the best approach to staying ahead of dehydation. If you wait until you’re thirsty, it’s too late and you’ll find yourself playing catch-up! A good baseline is to drink 500 ml per hour. An easy way to check if you’re hydrated is monitor your urine. If it’s dark yellow, you need more fluid, and if it’s clear, your body isn’t absorbing the water. Aim for a pale yellow color like light lemonade.



As an example for a 4 hour 30’ marathon in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon course, packing 6 FRUIT2 and 1 tube of nuun will help your marathon be both pleasant and successful.

Better still come and visit us and nuun hydration at the #STWM expo Friday and Saturday. xact nutrition is at kiosk  #156 // #FuelYourGoals


Images from the #STWM weekend …

@danieljanetos set a new Guinness World Record  for fastest marathon in full chef gear carrying a cooking pot.. and yes he was fuelling with #NaturalEnergyCollective @Brix

Pre-race snaps with my competition ? He’s FAST!!! ? WISH ME LUCK ??? #FastFood

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@runjprun just got 2 marathons done // half way there! #fuelyourgoals #makeyourwatercount #back4more #stwm #jpsteam

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