peppermint cycling team are fuelled by xact nutrition with FRUIT3 E-0Beet being the team's voted favourite energy fruit bar

What do the PEPPERMINT Cycling Team women use to fuel their goals?

Work hard, but play harder sums up the PEPPERMINT Cycling Team spirit. Whether we're training, racing or something in between! Plus we love to promote local businesses and friends that are implicated with PEPPERMINT Cycling Team. So it's with a great deal of stoke that we partnered with XACT, who share and promote the same values. As well as being neighbours, they make great products that are simple and exude goodness, and definitely get the job done! So we feel very good about using their products to fuel your goals this season. We asked team member Maya Purcell, who is a practising nutritionist, to give us the scoop on the key elements to manage energy levels effectively during a ride, whatever the intensity!

Peppermint Cycling Team choose FRUIT3 E-Beet for training rides and racing

What type of food should I eat?

As carbohydrates are the most easily assimilated fuel for muscles during exercise, it's extra important to eat carbs, especially when your ride or other activity is 90 minutes or longer.

How much should I eat?

The amount of carbs you need relates directly to energy used during your ride or activity. So the harder your ride, either longer or hilly, the more carbs you should be taking in to replace those spent.That's why the girls on the team make sure that carb-rich foods, like XACT ENERGY fruit bars are to hand during races as well as during training, to prevent glycogen stores from running out. "In general, we aim for 30-60g of carbohydrate / hour of effort".

Where can you get your 30 g of carbs?

30 g of carbohydrate can be found in 1 XACT ENERGY fruit bar, but also in 1 banana, 2 large dates, 4 small potatoes, 1 scoop of sport drink to name but a few. The secret is to find a product or food that is easy to and desirable to eat ! With a XACT ENERGY blackcurrant bar, what we love about them is not just that they're yummily delicious and effective, they are also super convenient and open easily, even with one hand on the handlebars ;)

Peppermint Cycling Team rolls with E-Beet FRUIT3 energy fruit bars to keep energy levels high, replace minerals lost through sweating and ensure the funnest ride possible


 Not just race fuel, but training time too

 Especially since training with your race food or fuel is a game changer. Initially, your digestive system may not be so happy with the prospect of eating and taking on food, even easy to digest carbs, during exercise can provoke some pretty undesirable tummy reactions! So training your gut makes as much sense as training your muscles, and with time you will find it easier to take more carbs on even during more intense riding.

Don't forget hydration and minerals!

When we sweat, we lose water and electrolytes (those white marks on your jersey after a hot ride is salt that you have sweated out) and on longer rides or in hot weather, getting water and minerals (electrolytes) back in to the body is a must! If it is hot and humid, you will sweat much more (it can vary between 700mL to 1.2L / hour in endurance sports). Electrolytes (like salt, but also iron and other minerals) lost through sweat vary from one person to another, but do not wait for big white marks on your jersey to start thinking about replacing fluids and minerals! For girls who sweat more "the ideal'' is to consume a combination of products: water, sport drinks, bars, jujubes or gels, to ensure adequate hydration, energy and those precious minerals like sodium, iron, calcium and potassium. XACT ENERGY blackcurrant bars have minerals (electrolytes) added so they give you energy as well as minerals you lose through sweating. The E-Beet XACT ENERGY bar (our favourite!) has 155 mg of sodium, considerably more than many other similar products available for cyclists.

 This season PEPPERMINT Cycling Team chose, without hesitation, XACT ENERGY fruit bars by xact nutrition to give a little more energy throughout the season, without compromising on taste and fun of course! Ready to play hard? Do not forget to fuel your goals ☺


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