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Since XACT created FRUIT2 for the trail running scene in 2012 at X-trail Mont Orford, we have seen athletes all over Eastern Canada start using FRUIT2 for energy during races and training runs. The number of athletes choosing FRUIT2 for during-effort energy has grown hand-in-hand with XACT’s presence at sporting events and specialized retailers. Back then we had a grand total of 2! Thank you, le coureur nordique in Québec city and Le Coureur in Sherbrooke, for your confidence in FRUIT2 back then! XACT’s retailer partners have since grown to well over 100 today. Find the store carrying XACT nearest to you.


At XACT we are all about fantastic tasting nutrition for sports. Early on we met an amazing company in Spain that had the technology to make the best tasting protein bars — wafers actually — we had ever tried. So it seemed a great next project to use their production savvy and combine it with our formulation expertise. Enter PROKRUNCH  the protein bar that doesn’t taste like a protein bar. Opinion remains divided as to whether it resembles KitKat or Coffeecrisp more? In 2015, following athlete demand, we created the now best-selling XACT product, FRUIT3. FRUIT3 is a blackcurrant flavoured energy fruit bar with guarani (naturally sourced caffeine) + electrolytes + antioxidants. And it’s all vegan.

But we are not stopping there; with the imminent release of XACT’s latest FRUIT2 flavour, maple & apple, we felt it was time to reach out to the running communities in the West. So go West we did.

XACT Western Tour

We thought it made sense to see how Western folks would like the current XACT  lineup, where they would like to see it available and in which stores. We also wanted to discover for ourselves the beautiful terrain that BC and Alberta have to offer.

Lions Gate road runners is one of Vancouver's historic run clubs

Thanks to an amazing amount of help and positive energy, we are able to reach out to run groups and crews in Vancouver, Squamish, Edmonton and Calgary… not to mention new race partners, in order to showcase FRUIT2 as on-course nutrition.

Thanks for your amazing welcome in BC and Alberta to Lions Gate Road Runners, Vancouver Falcons Athletic Club, Mountain Madness, Ladies of the Trails, Uprise Coaching, Squamish, East Vancouver Run Crew, WISE, Fast Trax in Edmonton, Gord’s Running Store in Calgary and the Trails In Motion 4 film festival supporting MitoCanada. It was so much fun to see so much positive reaction and witness such surprise during the XACT demos… whether the demo was out of the trunk of a car, in a fantastic store highly engaged in the running community, a parking lot, a microbrewery or half way down the Chief in Squamish, just after sunset.

Favorites - 11 of 20

So what are the results?

XACT will be offered at all 5 Peaks trail races feed stations as national feed station sponsor. This means that racers at over 20 trail races across Canada will get to re-energise during their trail race. If you haven’t tried a trail race before, the 5 Peaks trail race is a great way to try it out: expect super organisation by a team of passionate organizers and volunteers and ambassadors.

Adam Campbell 5 peaks  5 Peaks co-fpinder Amy Golumbia and husband Jacob

We are also delighted to announce our partnership with Sinister 7 ultra trail race. This is one of the premier trail races in Western Canada, named after the beautiful 7 sisters mountain range in Southern Alberta. We look forward to energizing you on-course in the weekend of 6-8 July 2016!

XACT is now available in these fantastic stores in Vancouver: Distance Runwear, North Van and Vancouver, the Vancouver Running Company and Speed Theory. But watch this space as a bunch of other great stores are still evaluating XACT for their store.


xact nutrition retail partners Vancouver



Edmonton: Fast Trax; Calgary: Gord’s Running Store

ab stores

… and many more stores are still evaluating xact nutrition products. Did we miss anywhere? Please tell us where you would like to see xact nutrition products on sale in BC and Alberta.

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