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XACT teams up with Ray Zahab

In 2006, Canadian Ray Zahab, and two friends, Charlie Engle and Kevin Lin, set out on an expedition to cross the Sahara Desert by foot. 111 days and 7,500 kms after leaving the coast of Senegal, they completed their journey by stepping into the Red Sea. National Geographic tracked the expedition by web, as well as the documentary film ‘Running The Sahara’ was filmed to capture the expedition, and raise awareness for the drinking water crisis in North Africa. Ray went on to found Impossible2Possible (i2P) (, an organization that aims to inspire and educate youth through adventure learning, inclusion and participation in expeditions.  His adventures and expeditions have taken Ray all over the world, to the most inhospitable regions on the planet.


In 2015 Canadian Geographic recognized Ray as one of Canada’s Top Explorers. In December 2015 Ray was presented with the Meritorious Service Cross of Canada.

Ray is always on the look out for new technologies, equipment and even food that can help him succeed. This is where Ray’s relationship with XACT informally began, during a local fundraising trail run  Quebec. The real test of XACT products happened during the Arctic2Atacama completed March 2016, where Ray and his team relied on FRUIT3 bars as well as beta versions of new products as they fatbiked through ice, snow and temperatures below -50. 

xactnutrition athlete Ray Zahab trudging across the polar landscape

When asked to say a few words to mark the launch of FRUIT2 maple by XACT, a product that Ray, Jenn and Stefano used with success on the recent Arctic2Atacama expedition, Ray was quick to accept. On one condition, that he could get hold of some more FRUIT2 maple bars! XACT products will also be showcased at the inaugural edition of Bad Beaver Ultra, a multi day stage race organised by Ray and his team in his favourite training ground, Gatineau Park, 6-8 August.

He continues today with life as an adventurer and as a volunteer with impossible2Possible. ‘Running The Sahara’ would begin a lifelong journey of learning that some of the largest barriers to success are the ones we put upon ourselves. By breaking these down, Ray has learned that we are all capable of achieving truly extraordinary things.

Ray Zahab, xactnutrition athlete, running the Gobi desert in 2013

I2P GOBI 2013



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