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Become a nutrition expert with these few tips

XACT Energy

A tasty alternative to energy gels
How to use them?

• XACT ENERGY bars give your muscles extra energy during exercise. They contain 100 calories of simple carbs which is exactly the type of energy the body needs during endurance sports like running and cycling.  

• Use before and during effort: For example, 15 minutes before and every 45 minutes during

• Made using fruit, they are easy to eat, easy to digest and act fast

Look for the green dot on the front of packages for specially added ingredients:

• Blackcurrant contains 50 mg of caffeine - caffeine helps stimulate the body and reduce perceived effort.  Perfect for long hard workouts and races.

• E-beet contains added iron : Iron is an essential mineral for transporting oxygen around the body in the blood. E-Beet also contains plenty of electrolytes.

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XACT Protein

A light and crispy post workout snack
Get the most out of your protein

• XACT PROTEIN chocolate wafer bars are designed to help muscle recovery and glycogen replacement after a workout.  Eat 1 bar within 2 hours of a workout (the sooner the better) to help optimize recovery.  However, with all the protein and added vitamins, XACT PROTEIN bars can be enjoyed as a tasty snack anytime of the day. 

• Each bar contains 20% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins A, C, D, E, K.  Also B vitamins which are important for our metabolism.

• The Plant-based XACT PROTEIN options are coated with dark chocolate and suitable for vegans

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XACT Electrolytes

Why do we need electrolytes
• Contrary to popular belief, eletrolytes alone are not the singular solution to cramps. 

• Our body maintains a careful balance of electrolytes and water.  When we sweat we release water through our skin so that it evaporates and cools us down.  In order to maintain that balance, our body also releases electrolytes.

• The electrolytes are used to help water transfer through membranes such as our stomach and in our muscle cells.  

• The key is to optimal hydration is to consume a balance of fluids and electrolytes.  The easiest way to do so is by adding electrolytes to the water.

• XACT ELECTROLYTES contain 520 mg sodium which matches the average athlete’s sweat.  Just add 1 tab to 500 ml of water and wait a minute for it to dissolve.

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