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Darren has been an intrinsic part of the Toronto running scene for the last 20 years. Darren is a runnign and strength coach - founder-owner of The RUNWAY and head Coach at Culture Athletics - in Toronto'a Leslieville. Darren has been running competitively for 35 years, coaching from track to ultras for almost 20 years. 

Darren's sporting background is Track and Power lifting. He's a veteran of most of the GTA's top road races, and has a penchant for trail race too.

Darren was drawn to the challenge of Ultra Relays - all starting with The Speed Project, an epic 341 mile relay that crosses Death Valley from LA to Las Vegas - for the comradery and larger than life challenge they can offer! 

In 2017 Darren created #RunToMtl – an annual ultra relay running fromdowntown TO to the top of Mount Royal, MTL. RunTOMTL started as a crazy way to commemorate a lost friend, push boundaries and raise money for amazing causes. Since then, it’s grown into something bigger. The relay run has evolved into a relay race and inspired runners of all speeds and experiences to test their metal. 

CTV coverage of 2019 edition 


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