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XACT ENERGY mixed boxes

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1 Box (24 x 30 g bars)

The tasty alternative to energy gels & chews


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XACT ENERGY Fruit bars - These all natural fruit bars aren't chewy but stay soft and melt in your mouth even without water, making them easy to eat and digest, even during more intense effort levels.

  • For activities > 1 hour, eat 1 bar/30-45 minutes.

Mixed boxes are a great way to get more variety

FULL Boxes (24 x 30 g bars):

  • Ultra Mix (24 bars : 4 of all 6 flavours)

  • Ultimate Boost (12 Blackcurrant + 12 E-Beet)

  • ENERGY Mix (24 bars : 8 each of Strawberry, Orange & Apricot)

      HALF Box (12 x 30 g bars):

      • HALF Ultra Mix (12 bars: 2 of all 6 flavours)

      Shipping on the HALF box alone is a 10$ Fixed amount,  or FREE for all orders over 63$ after discount.

      ORANGE: Sugars (apple pulp, apricot pulp, sugar, glucose syrup), apricot natural flavour, pectin, lemon juice

      STRAWBERRY: Sugars (apple pulp, strawberry pulp, sugar, glucose syrup) strawberry natural flavour, pectin, lemon juice, anthocyanins, paprika extract.

      MAPLE: Sugars (apple pulp, maple syrup, sugar, glucose syrup), lemon juice, pectin, apple natural flavour, natural flavour

      APRICOT: Sugars (apple pulp, orange pulp, sugar, glucose syrup), orange natural flavour, pectin, lemon juice, anthocyanins, curcumin, paprika extract