A female cross-country skier's take on E-Beet XACT ENERGY

A female cross-country skier's take on E-Beet XACT ENERGY

Since the first year I started competing in cross country skiing, I’ve always had Iron related problems. Taking Iron supplements has always been something I had to do in order to stay healthy and efficient on skis. So, when I saw the new woman-friendly E-Beet bar that XACT was launching, I can’t tell you how happy I was.

What about the guys?

I feel like this product is just as good for men as it is for women. Long distance sports athletes are all in need of foods rich in iron and electrolytes from time to time. I personally often share an E-Beet with my (male) teammates during a good training session.

A lot of endurance athletes know the benefit of beets on their bodies and I feel that the E-Beet is gold for that! I mean, we all know how hard it is to eat beets mid-training ;).  The E-Beet is the highest quality: It’s user-friendly, it tastes so good and it’s such a unique and efficient product. Totally worth buying, I can’t think of anything I would change in this bar.

FRUIT3 E-Beet is high in iron ideal energy for female endurance athletes

Convenience for travel

I’ve seen people travel with other beet-based products like those small bottles of concentrated beet juice, those can be super efficient too but I feel more at risk travelling with a liquid that could stain the content of my duffle bag. There’s just no risk of that happening with the E-Beet.


I’ve been using this product since it’s release date and it’s saved me from a few bonks already. I always have an E-Beet and a regular XACT ENERGY fruit bar in my water belt when I’m out skiing, may it be for an interval session or a long stroll across European ski tracks and mountains.

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