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An extra special “bonne chance les amis!” to the 3 XACT ambassadors who will be on the start line today at The Grand Raid Réunion!

Jeff Florent Joan #Diagonale2015


Jeff Gosselin , Joan Roch and Florent Bouguin (who is from Réunion Island) will take on the might challenge that is the “Diagonale des Fous”, literally, the “Crazy Diagonal”, named thusly as it starts at Saint-Pierre, at the South-west end of the volcanic island and follows a diagonal route traversing its peaks and valleys, and finishes at the Redoute Stadium in island’s capital town, Saint Denis… 160 km with 9900 m D+ joy!


Jeff Gosselin was the first of the trio to join the XACT family after discovering FRUIT2 at a feed-station during the Quebec Mega Trail race in 2013. Florent Bouguin joined shortly after his first UltraTrail victory at the inaugural edition of the 65 km Harricana of Canada trail race in 2014 and went on to partner with XACT in developing FRUIT3, what has become the best-selling product in the XACT line up. It is rumoured that Jeff and Florent formed a pact during their victory at Ultra Trail Harricana 2014 to run the Diagonale des Fous together… a long-held objective of Florent who has been preparing this epic trip and race to coincide with his 40th Birthday celebrations on his home turf.. or rather volcanic rock! Jeff being one of the most generous soul’s we’ve ever had the pleasure to meet couldn’t turn town such an offer despite his infamous disdain for running through the night and missing his beauty sleep 😉

Jeff Gosselin, Florent Bouguin. Image: UTHC


Joan Roch joined the XACT earlier this year but has become a very active member of the XACT community after trialling FRUIT2 and FRUIT3 during the Massanutten Mountain 100 race.



Good luck Jeff, Joan and a special extra good luck to Florent who is running on home turf with the support not jut of friends in Canada, but also on HIS island, La Réunion!

Florent Jeff Famille GR15

#FuelYourGoals #JeSuisLoup  #DiagonaleDesFous2015

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