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Briefly tell us about yourself, who you are and what your sport is?

I am mainly a runner, but I try to spend some time on two wheels several times a week. I compete mostly in Québec, but when possible I’ll travel in order to take part in an international competition. Apart from these sports, I enjoy reading and having a beer in good company.

What was your original plan this spring and why (objectives/key races)?

I’d say that I’m a fairly adaptable competitor. I’ll train for a particular race, but rarely for an event. My primary objective this spring was to beat my time over 21.1 kms (1h17). 


What was your training schedule like up until recently?

I was running between 100 and 140 kms per week with 2 speed sessions or intervals and one long run. I complemented this with strength exercises and cycling.

How has your current training been affected (no access to pool/gym)?

The main impact on my training routine has been the closing of the local gym. I normally include 2 - 3 strength-building sessions per week in my training. Since I have less equipment at home, I do plyometric workouts rather than power exercises. The fact that I can no longer go running with my group, especially sprinting, makes things less pleasant.

How have you restructured your race season?

I’ve decided to leave it be. I’m going to wait for the end of this crazy situation before choosing my next competitions.

What alternatives have you come up with?

People who know me know that I’m a fan of the treadmill. I’ve decided to invest in one so that I can train at home. This way I can cut down on going outside, thus protecting myself and others.


Most important of all, how are you staying motivated?

I’m using this period to work on my weaknesses, and also to combine the useful with the agreeable. I listen to podcasts on various subjects such as philosophy, science or running. It takes your mind off things and makes you think. I also try to measure my progress with a ″course″ baromètre every 3 - 4 weeks.

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