Vero Proulx: Boston qualifier and IM70.3 put on hold

Vero Proulx: Boston qualifier and IM70.3 put on hold

Salut Véro, please tell us about yourself as an athlete.

My name is Véronique and I’ve been doing triathlons for 5 years now. In the last few years I’ve mainly been concentrating on long distances, whether for Ironman or Half-Ironman. Above all I compete for the fun of it and in order to test my own limits: performance is a bonus (the cherry on the cake). I’ve managed to stand out within my age category.


What were your original objectives this spring?

I was to start off my season with the Maple Marathon, which would help me qualify for the Boston marathon. After that, I was to take part in the 70.3 Virginia Blue Ridge. Both races have been postponed to a later date. Right now, my objective remains the Ironman Mont-Tremblant. It will be my third, and my whole family will be there — a first for me. It will be a beautiful experience to share with them!

So no warm up, straight into Ironman mode!  How are you preparing yourself with all the closures?

Since mid-March I have had no access to a swimming-pool, so no swimming for me. Nevertheless, I exercise with elastics in order to maintain a certain strength in my arms and shoulders. For cycling, I have a great set up in the garage with my bike roller, my Zwift and good music. As for running, I mainly run outside, and if the temperature is really poor I have a treadmill. I cannot complain, for at home I’m well equipped with weights, elastics, balls, box and trx! In short, there’s no reason for me not to follow my training program. ;)

Sounds like a decent set up, but is the motivation okay?

Sure, I’m disappointed, just like many of us who see various races being cancelled. Nonetheless, I’m still very motivated. I’ve always enjoyed training, whether it’s for performance or simply for the good it does me. I have a busy timetable because of my job as a service director and also because I’m finishing my second Master’s (a part-time MBA in Management). So sport is what enables me to keep up a rhythm and maintain a work-life balance. I miss the people I train with, but we encourage one another from a distance!   

Working, further education and still time to train - congrats! You are a busy person, I guess you have to be well prepared with your training plan?

Together with my trainer, we’ve adjusted the plan somewhat in order to make up for having to stop swimming, and to make sure I keep fit while avoiding overtraining. The whole idea is that as soon as the season restarts, I’ll be ready.   :)

So has your training plan changed a lot?

Apart from swimming, I haven’t made any major changes. The routine training sessions are still possible using the material at my disposal and since I go running outside all year long. 

You already sound so busy without having to train for an Ironman, where do you get your motivation?

I think that my main source of motivation stems from the satisfaction that I get from the training. There’s nothing better after a heavy day’s work that demands a high level of concentration, than to turn off your brain and go running or cycling! I also like to push myself and see the improvements. I still keep in contact with my friends and we managed to keep motivated despite the isolation! What’s more, I have gold-standard partners who provide me with all the energy I need. ;)

Bonus question: any new hobbies you have picked up with all this extra time at home?

Since my job and my studies continue in spite of everything, my timetable remains pretty full. However, I have recently discovered mandalas (drawings) haha. It’s a great way of relaxing before going to bed! I also make the most of this extra time to discover new series. :)

That is amazing, all that work AND an artist! We wish will you all the best!

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