Amazing in taste, the E-Beet FRUIT3 bar is not only my new favorite in the xactnutrition line up but has become my go to bar for quick energy and fuelling for performance.  When the body is under load (as in working hard anaerobically) it is essential to intake calories that are easy to digest and that are actually palatable. I've always struggled with this element of training and racing as the body simply doesn't want anything.  However, I love the taste of the E-Beet and with only 2 bites to get it in, it provides, fast and efficient calories.  The E-Beet bar ACTUALLY tastes like beets and not some synthetic chemical fake food. The lift that I get energy wise is noticeable immediately.  I've trained the body to intake 100cals right before a race start or super hard training session in order to top of my fuel tank. Not wanting any bloat or stomach issues, the FRUIT3 bars have worked perfectly for a "pre-GO' lift.  Knowing the ingredients of the bar makes me feel that much better about eating it.  As a female endurance athlete, it is an added bonus that this bar is loaded with iron!


I recently tested the E-Beet bar in the heat of racing in Belize and it was magic.  The bar did not melt or change in structure.  It was never a sticky mess or an issue to deal with.  Trust me, on a 550km non stop adventure race the last thing I want to be dealing with is food issues. I was so happy that I brought these bars with me (along with a variety of FRUIT2's) and, so were my team mates :)  Loaded with electrolytes, the E-Beet bar was perfect for replenishing the sodium, potassium and magnesium that I was rapidly loosing in 32C temperatures. 

Jen Segger is an endurance athlete and coach and has been testing xact nutrition's latest products including the FRUIT3 E-Beet

I’ve now had the opportunity to use xactnutrition bars in the freezing temperatures of Canada's Arctic to the   insane dry heats of the Atacama Desert and the humid jungles of Belize and THEY WORK! Excited that this bar has been created and I look forward to having it with me on all the adventures yet to come. Taste, portability   and great ingredients make the E-Beet FRUIT3 bar a staple in my training and racing nutrition. 

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