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Our relationship with Ultra Trail Hurricane Canada (UTHC) started back in 2013, our 1st season since launching FRUIT2 in the trail running community. Each year the XACT team has returned to La Malbaie to support UTHC, friends and yes family too as the event has grown and XACT too.

For our 5th UTHC we shall be running, soaking up the atmosphere, sharing a little fruity energy love and getting our cheer on as runners cross the line. Please come and say hi at the XACT kiosk on race day ! We’ll be offering free samples, prizes and contests … and not to mention captaining our own iPod battle team!


strawberry FRUIT2 energy bars are made from real fruit pulp and natural ingredients



The whole motivation for creating our comapny goes back to some of those early experiences we had out on the trails .. and whilst many products did the job from a functional point of view (delivering carbs in a convenient package) we really felt that something just as effective could be soooo much more palatable. The passion for cooking and fine food is something that resides deeply with all the owners of XACT. and it didn’t take too long to awaken that passion and apply a few skills learned in other industries and careers and put it to new use. Voilà FRUIT2, a way more tasty way to give you energy during your favourite sporting activity!


“We just love bringing our family to UTHC. It’s a fantastic event, we get to enjoy a great day out, sometimes a very long day, but sometimes a shorter outing. That’s the beauty of this event, no matter what distance you are running, or whom you are cheering for, there’s something for everyone, and a terrific region, Charlevoix to discover, and a fantastic cause, MS Canada, to support” – Marianne Regnault, XACT nutrition President

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The importance of planning
L’importance de la planification

Tout aventure ou défi commence par un moment où l’on se dit : « ce ne serait pas pire faire (insérer n’importe quelle idée qui nous sort de notre zone de confort) ».

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Awareness about hydration
Prise de conscience par rapport à l'hydratation

Le 12 août, j'ai pris le départ de mon premier ultra-trail officiel. Je m'étais fixé la barre assez haute considérant que je commençais avec un 100 miles et on peut dire que je suis passé en-dessous. Est-ce que j'ai réussi? Non. Est-ce que j'ai appris? Oh que oui!
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Beginner guide to trail running
Course en trail pour débutant

Débutant à la course en trail? On est tous passé par là. Que tu arrives de la course sur route, que tu sois un randonneur qui désire parcourir un peu plus de distance ou simplement à la recherche d’un nouveau défi, ça peut paraître intimidant de commencer un nouveau sport.

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