Navy Bike Ride 2020

Navy Bike Ride 2020

By Lawrence Colsell, Co-owner of XACT nutrition 


2020 is turning out to be a year of adaptation and discovery as far as sports events are concerned. As a new friend of the Canada Navy Bike Ride, we are super proud be part of such a positive and inspiring community. 

We put together some simple fueling advice so that you can get the most out of your preparation as well as the vitrual ride itslef 


During your Ride 

Energy + fluids = happy riding.

  • An energy gel or a XACT ENERGY every 45 minutes will keep energy levels up amd help you avoid the dreaded bonk. 
  • Be sure to have regular access to water. Adding electrolytes to water helps absorption and maintain hydration.
  • Plan ahead: Think how you will carry or stash your gels and bars.


XACT ENERGY fruit bars are made from real fruit, and are an ideal way to get a healthy, natural energy boost during exercise. They’re made from simple, tasty and all-natural ingredients, they're very digestable and easy to swallow, making XACT ENERGY fruit bars easy to eat even during an effort (like on your longer bike rides).

You know that feeling when you’re riding hard and you feel that intense joy, even if it can be hard work? Some folks call it being in the the zone.

Those small fruity bars (especially the blackcurrant ones that are my favorites), eaten very 30-45 minutes or so, let you enjoy those awesome moments longer.

They fuel your muscles and allow your mind to stay on the game 100% and get more out of yoru time on the bike, sometimes for hours even!

XACT also make  bars for recovery (everyone who's tried one just loves that choc XACT PROTEIN wafer that tastes awesome!) - it gives your body the best chance to recover well and quickly and be able to work or play in top shape.

Alongside the brand name XACT, is the hashtag #fuelyourgoals. YOUR goals. Your body deserves to be well nourished and supported before, during and after training.

XACT's products are exactly what you need!

Just as sport nourishes the soul, XACT products nourish your body to continue to enjoy it! Good luck with clocking those kilometers for the Navy Bike Ride. 

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