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I have always played sports, soccer, taekwondo, fencing, rugby, etc. but in spring 2009 I started running with friends and I completed my first 10 km. But my first year of racing was a litle bit ll over the place, and not much training. In 2010 and 2011, I took things a bit more seriously completing several races but not seeing much improvement. Next Spring, in 2012, I lost about 45 lbs and in May I saw a dramatic improvement in my race times; it was then that that I began to realise my potential and I startde training seriously, with rigor and discipline. I saw my peformance impporve in bounds! In 2013, I got into the world of ultratrail and marathons. I progressed quickly; that year I started snowshoe racing, cross-country skiing and speed skating. Since then, these three sports are an important part of my training volume during the winter. In 2015, I made the university cross country team with Sherbrooke Vert et Or, where I grew more and was able to gather new feelings and distances. I also start new running disciplines like road, trail, track, cross-country and snowshoeing, all for the love of the sport and endorphins!
I like a challenge, pushing my limits and to test the human body to limits that I did not think possible.