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We caught up with Helene Dumais shortly after she completed the Montane Spine Race, and according to Hélène was the toughest physical challenge she has faced so far. But let’s put that statement in context… Here’s a selection of projects that Hélène has recently completed :

  • Cross Florida Individual Time Trial: A 400 km coast-to-coast fully self-supported romp across Florida. This test was actually set up for mountain bikers… but recently people have been attempting it on foot. Hélène was the 1st woman to complete it successfully
  • Infinitus 888 km – Hélène stopped 550 km into the event… so she’ll be back in May 2017 to settle unfinished business!
  • 1st woman to traverse Ko’olau ridge, Oahu, Hawaii
  • 1st woman to complete Nicaragua Survival Run

What’s in store for 2017?

So we were ultra curious to learn more about the Spine Race, an epic race that takes runners across the length of the Pennines in heart of the English winter as well as learn what she has in store for the rest of 2017…. and 2 standout events are the inaugural Canada Survival Run (Squamish, BC) and a return to the infamous Infinitus (The Endurance Society, VT, USA)

The Montane Spine Race

Now the English winter isn’t something that would strike fear into the heart of a seasoned Canadian ultra runner and adventurer… but winter conditions can be treacherous for their ability to turn very suddenly, plus the accumulation of fatigue from lack of sleep during the 6 days to race the length of the Pennine Way combine to make this quite a challenge that many underestimate.

To share her experience not just of the Spine Race, but also as a professional coach, Hélène will be team-up with kinesiologist, trainer and sport osteopath Sébastien Boucher of la Clinique Sportive HPH located in Montréal to present a conference entitles “The Art and Science of Going Further” Thursday 16th February. This is a highly personalized interactive conference, where Hélène and Sébastien will talk about with you about topics as diverse as physical preparation, mental motivation and inspiration will be freely discussed.

What will you learn at “The Art and Science of Gong Further”?

Succeeding in challenging yourself…

Hélène’s personal mantra of “mind, body, spirit” will guide the evening’s discussion. Helene will draw on her personal experiences including the only-just-done Spine Race to share with you how we can succeed in taking on challenging and even intimidating projects.

Scientific expertise…

Sébastien Boucher of Clinique Sportive HPH in Montréal, is a professional athlete trainer, with a background in sport osteopathy, kinesiology and nutrition. Sébastien will share his scientific perspective, whether it be injury prevention, recovery strategies or just how many calories you need to be taking in depending on activity type and duration.

Challenge our thinking and inspire…

No matter what kind of physical activity you do or are thinking of doing, Hélène and Sébastien will be delighted to share their experience, challenge our thinking and inspire us as to what we are able to do.

We look forward to sharing this evening with you. A complementary beverage is included in the price of this conference.

Conference + refreshments // $20 before // $25 at the door

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