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XACT, a canadian based family sports nutrition business released today (May 26th 2016) the world’s first maple syrup energy bar. 


FRUIT2 MAPLE, a product that brings together one of the finest Canadian ingredients, MAPLE SYRUP, with the expertise of XACT, is an energy bar that promises to revolutionise how athletes fuel for sports and adventure.

The benefits of maple syrup as a source of carbohydrate for sports are better and better known: maple syrup contains many nutritious entities such as minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Hardly surprising when you consider that maple syrup is derived from maple tree sap, which itself constitutes the vital energy and defence mechanisms of the tree.


The benefits of the FRUIT2 MAPLE bar stem from that it has been specifically designed foruse during sports. There are practical considerations as well as just the right ingredients to make an energy product truly effective for sports. FRUIT2 MAPLE, like its cousins FRUIT2 and FRUIT3, is a great source of digestible carbs using only natural, vegan ingredients. The maple syrup used in FRUIT2 MAPLE is more nutritious than regular sugar syrups found in most gels and chews, has a lower glycemic index, is a source of electrolytes, and has 45 mg of potassium per 30 g bar. The maple syrup itself is not just any old maple syrup: XACT partnered with food technology and sport nutrition experts to select an ultra-dark maple syrup from Quebec. As any maple syrup farmer or nutrition scientist will tell you, the darker the syrup, the greater the concentration of antioxidants, minerals and other valuable nutritional substanc


XACT has long believed that just getting the right ingredients in a product is just the start of the game. Whilst the XACT team is highly qualified and expert in the formulation and sourcing of the most effective and up-to-date ingredients, when you talk with athletes, you often hear that the most frequent reason for having difficulty to eat whilst doing sports comes down to not feeling able to eat at all. In other words, not being able to follow the nutrition plan either because of digestion issues, dehydration, or just plain not feeling up to it!


This is where XACT has chosen to specialize and bring our skills to bear; making sure our products have exactly the right macro and micronutrients, in a portable, waterproof package that can stand up to the toughest conditions. But above all, having best in class taste and texture, making eating an xact nutrition product an awesome experience.

XACT, a Canadian family business, is proud to bring this iconic Canadian product to Canadian athletes so they can better fuel their goals.

Fruit2 Maple ad from xactnutrition on Vimeo.

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