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Briefly tell us about yourself, who you are and what your sport is (and at what level you compete)?

I was born and grew up in Japan. I moved to Edmonton, AB, Canada in April 1999. I'm a non competitive ultra marathon runner (I was the very last official finisher of a race, twice!) and completed 110 ultra marathon races so far.

What were your original objectives this spring?

I think I registered for 10 ultra marathon races this season (1 is done in February) and each one of them is my goal. Just enjoy it and complete if I can.

How has your current training been affected?

I still run outside. And 99% of running is solo-run anyway so nothing affected so far. I just have to choose the trail not busy.

How did that affect your motivation?

Nothing affected so far.

How have you restructured your race season?

All of my race I do, the race director is my good friend. So I feel their pain and sad to know some of them was canceled pretty sure.  But, secretly I have another goal regarding my running. I usually do 10 to 12 races between March and October (I do one 50km race in February). As I get older (51 in July), I started to think maybe just one year,stay away from races, or reduce the number of races and focus on training is maybe good idea. But as soon as race registration opens I can't help registering the race so it didn't happen. So maybe this is the year....????

How have you adapted your training?

Nothing. Just following my training routine (Saturday is hill repeats day, Sunday is long run, Monday is core-workout etc) 

Most important of all, how are you staying motivated?

My training routine is my life routine so just keeping it is the how to stay motivated for me.

Bonus question: any new hobbies you have picked up with all this extra time at home?

Nothing. Fortunately I still have full time job and training so I'm busy. I just missing watching hockey and cheering my Oilers badly :)


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